Serve at TUMC

Service to one another

Being on a committee at TUMC is a great way to connect, or reconnect, with other members and friends. Committees tend to have short terms so you can serve the community in many different ways over the years. Members may be elected or appointed, depending on the position, and the church is wonderful at discerning, encouraging, and supporting gifts you have to offer.

Members also serve on the boards of the Mennonite New Life Centre and St. Clair O’Connor Community. Plus, there are many ongoing opportunities, such as  teaching Sunday School, serving as a youth sponsor, mentoring, editing the Place of Meeting newsletter, coordinating church decor and flowers, preparing for coffee hour, ushering/greeting, and serving as a representative for Mennonite Church Eastern Canada, Mennonite Church Canada, Mennonite Disaster Service, or Silver Lake Camp. TUMC also has ad hoc committees that form for short durations as needed.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact a committee chair directly (listed in the TUMC directory) or speak to a member of the Gift Discernment Committee.