What to Expect

If you visit…

Our worship services are friendly, informal and participatory. A variety of people plan and lead worship, so no two services are quite alike. Typically, though, we’ll start with singing a few songs as people arrive. There will be a welcome, announcements, introductions and often “passing the peace” – handshakes with people  sitting nearby.

A “call to worship” and the day’s scriptures, along with other prayers or readings that may follow, are  printed in the bulletin so participants can easily follow along.

The service is interspersed with music – both traditional hymns and contemporary songs. Sometimes instrumentalists take a turn. Occasionally we employ other arts: short bits of drama, video, visuals, puppetry and other unique elements.

Kids up to Grade 5 or so look forward to being invited up front for a story designed just for them.

At some point, an offering is received as one sign of our gratitude and thanks to God, and desire to share blessings we’ve received with others.  As a visitor, please don’t feel any obligation to give.

A pastor or someone from the “preaching team” – a group of members chosen to preach occasionally – will offer a 15- to 20-minute sermon based on the day’s scripture passages, applying them to faith and life.

Usually, there’s a time when individuals who wish to do so may briefly share joys and concerns in their lives. A mic is made available so people can say what’s on their hearts from wherever they’re sitting. The leader will pray for these and other concerns, and invite the congregation to continue those prayers all week.

The service, which lasts about an hour and a quarter, ends with a “benediction” – a prayer of blessing as we head back into our daily lives. After that, there’s coffee, tea and conversation. On special occasions, lunch may be served after the service.

Note: If you’d like to check out Christian Education at TUMC, come an hour earlier (at 10 a.m.). Children and teens meet for Sunday School Ask an usher to help you find the right location.

Oh, one more thing: We have a sense of humour!  Here’s a little how-to video from the gang at 22 Minutes, just for fun.