Baptism and Church Membership

A sacrament of commitment

Membership in TUMC is open to all those who profess faith in Jesus and desire to be a part of a community of faith shaped by Anabaptist-Mennonite theological convictions.

Persons are received in membership:

  1. By baptism upon confession of faith.
  2. By letter of recommendation and transfer from another Mennonite congregation or any other Christian congregation.
  3. Upon confession of faith, having previously been baptized.

Steps to becoming a member include:

  1. Indicating your desire to become a member to a TUMC pastor.
  2. Joining a faith exploration class to consider your faith journey and to learn about the Mennonite Church.
  3. Inviting a TUMC member to be your faith partner as you prepare for a baptism or membership service.
  4. Preparing a brief faith story to share with the congregation.
  5. Participating in a congregational covenanting service of baptism and/or membership.

Associate membership is also open to those who wish to maintain ties with another congregation while being active at TUMC. Associate members have all rights and responsibilities of full members.