Pastor Congregation Relations Committee

Caring for our shepherds and the flock

This group’s main task is to care for the relationship between the pastors and congregation, acting as elder, coach and when necessary mediator in conversations between pastors and congregants. It also  assists the church board with administration of employment issues. It’s intended to be a balanced third party that listens to all voices and cares for both sides of the relationship.

Among other things, the committee supports and empowers both congregation and pastor to voice concerns, test perceptions and resolve conflicts through active listening and mutual feedback. It supports the staff team by meeting regularly to develop mutual support and accountability. It assists pastors in understanding and developing their vision and ministry while developing healthy boundaries and priorities. And it also communicates regularly and sensitively to the congregation regarding the pastor’s needs, concerns and expectations.

Current members include Ed H., Jeff T., and Carmen W. (2021)

For a fuller description of the committee’s mandate and responsibilities, click here.