Joint Management Committee

Sharing space

When TUMC decided to move into a new building in 1997, the congregation felt it was important that the building wouldn’t sit idle throughout the week. We partnered with the Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto and the Toronto Mennonite New Life Church to design a building that would suit all of our needs. Since then, we have enjoyed a rich friendship, living, working, and worshipping together in a shared space.

The Joint Management Committee (JMC) manages the facilities at 1774 Queen Street East. The partners own and run the building together, and each partner can send three representatives to the committee. TUMC usually sends the treasurer, property coordinator, and the office administrator (staff; ex officio).

The committee meets quarterly to address the many issues involved in maintaining a large, well-used building. Issues could involve anything from repairing the furnace or deciding on what colour to repaint the stairwells to major renovations. An annual budget is compiled for operating expenses. The group generally makes sure that the day-to-day running of the building goes smoothly.

The JMC also looks after maintenance of 6 Lark Street, the house next door to the church, which TUMC owns.

Contact: Harold T. (2021)