Caring Team

God made visible through care

Caregiving in the TUMC community is a shared endeavour. We sense a biblical call to mutually care for one another as members belonging together in a Christian community. To facilitate and oversee that the needs of the community are met, a Caring Team is discerned by the entire congregation, rather than being appointed. The team consists of the Pastor, plus four members serving two-year terms.

The Caring Team supports the Pastor in identifying and supporting people who are in crisis, or have special needs or concerns. Special focus is given to recognizing and welcoming newcomers. As well, the team oversees the organization of Small Groups within the community and a Special Needs Fund. Every act or discussion is done with complete confidentiality and respect.

The Caring Team gathers once a month to review the needs of the congregation. The Team is supported by a committee of four who make visits and deliver flowers to those in our community who have been hospitalized, welcomed a new child, or are grieving.

We believe when members of our community reflect Jesus to each other in significant moments of life and death, then God is present.

Current chair: Michele Rae Rizoli, pastor. (2021)